Be Wild ⋆ Be Free ⋆ Be YOU

As an expert in rapid behavioural changes, I can help you achieve 100 % personal freedom with less effort. You will experience this as if you have more hours during the day to do what is most important to you and you will be able to take your self and your business to the next level much quicker than you normally would.

I’m born a psychic and has worked as an Intuitive mentor since 2006 coaching and giving therapy/regression therapy to more than 5.500 leaders, actors, singers, movie instructors, police and bank directors and beautiful self employed successful goddesses. Amazing attentive/aware people who did not limit themselves to the personal challenges they had in their lives.

As a expert in aligning your with your wild free heart energy as well as personal inner strengths, you will feel more courageous, have more clear boundaries, feel more liberated and alive.

With my intuitive mentoring you will experience how it is to be your true wild and free authentic self.

I offer three sessions for your who are a passionate, aware and heartful: 

  • therapist, director, leader, coach, artist, actress, entrepreneur, author, speaker or for example a successfull healer


Zanne Piilipson – Intuitive Mentor and modern alchemist

I’m born a psychic, are a high performance mentor and an expert in personal development.

  • I’m an expert in permanently self-sabotage removal. Why we self-sabotage our selves and how to change this very quickly.
  • I’m an expert in how do deal with and live with being a very sensitive and aware person.
  • For 11 years I’ve also coached my clients about their relationship, their dating life andraised my clients awareness about why things are how they are, AND how to improve their relationship with a partner and with them self.
  • I sense/see every relationship/friendship you have ever had or have been in, and I can heal, clear and balance everything that is and was out of balance.
  • With my “ex-ray vision” I sense/pick up on your previous life’s, your physical and mental well-being, your organs, your health, what you eat and shouldn’t eat. I can heal everything out of balance and bring it into balance again. Also your body, nervous system, hormone system and organs.
  • Intuitively I pick up on why things happen in your life. When it comes to jobs, children, partners, career and previous life’s. When I have worked with a client on a self sabotage patterns and destructive behaviours and have permanently removed it, – the inner theme that was out of balance, -and old limited belief/a blind angle also dissapears. My clients experience that when it comes to their relationship (with them self too and health) children, family, friends, career, money etc,- will be experienced much more effortlessly and harmonious!


Dear Zanne

I’m so happy that I found your website and now receive intuitive guidance from you every week. Long have I looked for spiritual insights into our previous lives, why we are here and what our souls are longing for and you serve the whole package in a down to earth – easy to understand language and tone. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

I have also found an interest in numerology. I never thought numerology would be something for me, but I must admit that I’m getting more and more curious.

Your weekly and monthly updates are such a relief and support to me and you also hit the nail on the head – spot on. What I have gone through.

Thank you for being in my life,


P. Pleines

Testimonial “peace and clarity”

In times of turmoil this is what you need a session with Zanne, this gives you the ability to see through the clutter and take decisions with ease. Truly peace giving!

After having attended a no-more-self-sabotage session with Zanne, I was able to see and understand some limiting beliefs and was able to get a new perspective that allowed me to move forward in a positive direction. Truly liberating!

P. Pleines

xx Julie Berthelsen, professional singer

I bought a session with Zanne
And then I joined Zannes Inner Child Therapy course. She is my friend and I have followed her work and development a couple of years and I have always been inspired by her.

She has helped me many times to see things differently and always told me to look for the answers within me and remember myself. The Inner Child Therapy course has been amazing and it’s online.

It’s always to look outside ourselves and look at what others do instead of taking responsibility and looking inward. That’s what the Inner Child Therapy course told me to. And I’ve felt amazing insights coming to me and a calmness I haven’t experienced for years.

Zanne is an expert in knowing and sensing what my challenge is and where I need to keep my focus. She is extremely intuitive and her psychic abilities are always very accurate. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to embrace my strengths and weaknesses guided by her.

xx Julie Berthelsen, professional singer

xx Malene, Personal trainer and coach

I’m so happy to know Zanne

I’m not supposed to say too much – Zanne says I talk too much ♡

Zanne has guided me intuitively and she has helped me sort out a lot of loose ends in my life. What themes and traumas I need to heal to be able to stand up and live life and follow my passion.

Among other things, she has recorded audios for me, taught me exercises and she is extremely talented – always SPOT ON!

She tells me what I need to hear – not what I want to hear and it lets me breathe in my whole body. Whenever she is on to something, there is an unbalance I need to heal.

xx Malene, Personal trainer and coach