About Zanne Piilipson

I’m born a psychic/clairvoyant and a medium. I’m an expert in personal development.

  • I’m an expert in permanently self-sabotage removal. Why we self-sabotage our selves and how to change this.
  • I’m an expert in how do deal with and live with being a very, very sensitive person.
  • I know a lot about relation-ship and why things are how they are, AND how to improve your relationship with a partner and with your self.
  • I sense/see every relationship/friendship you have ever had or have been in, and I can heal, clear and balance everything that is and was out of balance.
  • With my “ex-ray vision” I sense/pick up on your previous life’s, your physical and mental well-being, your organs, your health, what you eat and shouldn’t eat. I can heal everything out of balance and bring it into balance again.
  • Intuitively I pick up on why things happen in your life. When it comes to jobs, children, partners, career and previous life’s. When I have worked with a client on a self sabotage pattern and have permanently removed it, – the inner theme that was out of balance, -was also a blind angle. This is gone at the end of my work and every blind angle, when it comes to this theme, will permanently be gone in relation to children, family, friends, career, money etc etc!
  • I have developed my very own regression-therapy technique to permanently remove inner self-sabotage, fears, insecurity, past life themes, anger, sorrow, sadness and much more.
  • A side-effect is that people become automatically happier, feel more free and secure about who the are and what the can. They become more aware about them selves, more brave, confident, robust and dare to say no and follow their heart. At the same time allergies disappear, weight starts to come of and everyone feels an inner peace that is there for good too.
  • I have made my own “New Aura” concept where I set your inner Divine Power free. A concept where we adults receive an aura and cell-structure that matches the young indigo and crystal-children,- and therefore also the very very high vibrant energy we are in right now in these current time.

I am a trained sales assistant, office assistant and have a degree in organisation and strategy, creative problems solution, team building and in physical and anatomy.

I have been almost 10 years in the Danish Army as a Lance Corporal at The Royal Danish Guard and the Kings Artillery.