Clairvoyant numerology session with profound intuitive mentoring

For 11 years I have been able to read the Akashic records (the deepest truth of our souls) and all our previous lives, our talents and our challenges, children, unborn children and so on.

I can access and see all your conversations from your childhood. I can address these conversations and help you heal them away from your cells.

The therapists therapist – can I help you?
I’m the therapist’s therapist and the healer’s healer. Hence I only offer sessions to therapists or you with a startup/own company. I can only help you if you have a high consciousness and a strong insight into your own life. Contact me today to know how to access my numerology session. 

Your destiny lies in the day, month and the year you’re born and your names are influencing whether it is a tough or lighter travel through your life.

We have all been aware of the names we would be given in our next life. I love to pass the information to you about your higher self and with my knowledge from the ancient numerology, I’m able to show it to you step by step.

Numerological reading of your higher self
I give you a reading where you will understand your higher self. Your higher self is your destiny. I can read your personality, how you interpret the world, take in life and handle challenges in your life – everything is readable in your higher self.

I help you get a balanced numeroscope in order for you to live life and learn profound lessons from the challenges you receive.

Contact me today and hear more about your numerology session!