Intuitive Lifeline session – 30 min. 

Are you ready to reconnect with your heart? Ready to let go of fear, sadness and frustration? I have the psychic gift to be able to spot all your limiting beliefs in just a few seconds. I also have the ability to feel and connect with your body on all levels and give you advice and heal you during the 30 min. Intuitive Lifeline session.

Spiritual and Intuitive Mentor
After your Intuitive Lifeline session you will know why you have felt stuck and how you can move forward. I’m an experienced spiritual and Intuitive Mentor and have had more than 5200 clients the past years, hence I’m able to remove your heavy weights on your shoulders in order for you to feel lifted and more free in your body and mind after the session.

Achieve long lasting results with your Intuitive Lifeline session
Why struggle when you can get help? Why spend years in therapy when I can help you understand and untangle your limited beliefs and why they are holding you back. Achieve long lasting results in all areas of your life with an Intuitive Lifeline session.

It’s not easy to master all areas of your life but when I remove your inner worries, fears and several limited beliefs, it’s much easier than you think.

Consider the Intuitive Lifeline session if you:

  • have challenges with your children and want to know how you can help them
  • have difficulties finding peace and just being
  • have a sense that there’s more to life
  • have a deep wish to work with yourself and get a closer relationsship with yourself
  • if you’re considering changing your name
  • if you find it hard to attain customers
  • if you don’t have any energy and feel like you’re going in circles
  • If you have a weight problem or if you can’t gain weight

My psychic abilities give me access to your previous lives, life purpose and everything that you don’t remember from your childhood. The Intuitive Lifeline is a comfortable and safe session and I simply guide you to the path that will give you more clarity, security and happiness.

Are we a match? Check out before booking the Intuitive Lifeline session
Since I work on higher frequencies, I need us to be a match in order for us to work together. If you’re a:

  • therapist
  • entrepreneur
  • artist

or in an other way have your own business then you’re welcome to contact me. If you’re not sure then check out the description here.

More heart work and less hard work
Let’s be honest. You’re not here to survive life. Life doesn’t happen to you but for you. If you’re ready to let go of your limited beliefs and start living life then you’ll be surprised how far a Intuitive Lifeline session can take you.

If you feel like you repeating the same patterns and are stuck, let me help you with my intuitive session.

Find your life purpose with an Intuitive Lifeline session

  • Why am I here?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • Are you afraid of living your dreams?
  • Are you afraid of following your heart?

Contact me now and let me help you feel freedom and the enjoyment of your full potential soon. I can also help if you have issues in your family with a familiy session.

Contact me between 10 am to  18 pm CET (Central European Time) on +45 22 41  11 44.


You have to master your body, in order to master ALL areas of your life!

Do you want my help?

“The session I had with Zanne has made a big difference. Immediately during the session i felt a big relief and a difference within me. Both physically and mentally, I have come much closer to myself after the Lifeline session.

I feel more connected with who I am, and I feel more peaceful within too. Several of my old thoughts and mental beliefs  (self-sabotage patterns) that has frustrated me and held me back for many years are now fading away.

At the same time the strong benefiting thoughts within me, are there to stay now. As well as all the good qualities I gained during the session, – self-respect, courage, happiness etc.

Zanne has a great insight and empathy,and just picks up upon where it was most important and urgent to me.


A testimonial from one of my clients