Speeches, seminars, and webinars

foredrag-495x400I really really enjoy and love speaking, teaching and serving people. There is quite a lot areas that I am very familiar with and love to talk about:

  • I’m an expert in personal development.
  • I’m an expert in permanently self-sabotage removal. Why we self-sabotage our self and how to change this.
  • I’m an expert in dealing with being very sensitive and mindfulness.
  • Relationship and why thing are how they are AND how to improve your relationship to a partner and your self.
  • I sense/see every relationship/friendship you have ever had or have been in, and I can heal, clear and balance everything that is and was out of balance.
  • How to deal with and live with being very very sensitive as a person.
  • I’m born a psychic/clairvoyant and a medium.
  • With my “x-ray vision” I sense/pick up on your previous life’s, your physical and mentally well-being, your organs, your health, what you eat and shouldn’t. Everything out of balance I can heal and bring into balance again.
  • Blind spots: I pick up on intuitively -why things are happening in your life at all areas. It always has to do with your previous life’s -which I can see/sense.
    For example, when I have a client and permanently remove a self-sabotage pattern, – this inner theme that was out of balance, -was also a blind angle. This is now gone and every blind angle, when it comes to this theme, will permanently be gone when it comes to children, family, friends, career, money etc. etc!

If you don’t invest in your self – then who does?