1 hour peace & clarity session with your Intuitive mentor

Do you know deep within that something has to change in your life? Are you looking for THE person who can help you untangle your life to understand what’s really good for YOU?

Intuitive Mentor who has helped more than 2500 people to peace & clarity
I’m an Intuitive mentor and I have helped more than 2500 beautiful people to understand and take control over their life. With the help of my talents within clairvoyance and ability to see and untangle all obstacles you may experience in your life, you will experience peace and clarity after a 1 hour session with me.

With a 1 hour Peace & Clarity session I will help you feel:

  • certain instead of uncertain
  • calm and safe instead of lost
  • joyful instead of fearful

And you will also have made peace with what was ♥

NOT like something you have tried before:
This is not just an ordinary session with clairvoyance, mediumship or career counselling, or me having a look at your previous lives – if you would like this. This is a session to you who wants to know:

  • What’s going on in your body?
  • How you’re true self is doing?
  • Where you have let your self down?
  • Why things are the way they are?
  • Why you’re children are as the are?’
  • Why you have the challenges that you do, when it comes to your carreer?
  • What your TRUE purpose in life is?

All this I can help you with, during this Peace & Clarity session. I help you connect all the dots in your life.  From you childhood up until now. Not only will you have clarity, but you will also feel more relaxed and calm after a session.

Make sure you and I are a match and read here before you book the Peace & Clarity session. 


I unveil your talents in a Peace & Clarity Sesion

You will also know what to do and where to go after the session, – where you before we talked together, might have been feeling lost, disconnected and sad. You will see life and your self in a new and even brighter light, than just before the session began.

And I promise you , once the session is over, you will say to your self “why didn’t I do this earlier, because this would have saved me a lot of time worrying and carrying on with inner battles”.

Let go of uncertainty and book a Peace & Clarity session
So why have all the inner struggles? Why would you allow your self to feel alone, lost or unworthy of help? When you have me right here, to pick you up, heal you and calm you? ♥

What to do now is to call me at +45 22 41 11 55 and book your session.

This will be recorded and send to you, straight after the session, so you wont miss any of it. This session can also be about your previous lives, where I connect the dots from these life, here up to this very day.

For 1 hour the price is 1.599DKK.  This is about 159GBP. For 1½ hour the price is 2.199DKK. This is about 219GBP.

Book your 1 hour Peace & Clarity session here now!